Tokyo 2016 President Inspects Greenery At School

Shintaro Ishihara, Governor of Tokyo and President of Tokyo 2016, walks barefoot on the grounds of an elementary school in Tokyo in celebration of the installation of lush new lawns on the site.

Tokyo 2016’s bid plan is to serve as a catalyst to drive the transformation of the city so that people young and old will be able and encouraged to enjoy their lives with sport and greenery.

The Governor visited the school in central Tokyo to inspect the progress on one of the action plans spearheaded by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to overhaul the city by 2016.

Greening of school yards is one of the key elements of “Tokyo’s Big Change – The 10-Year Plan”, said a press release, “which aims to not only further transition Tokyo into a marvel of sustainable urban living, but also serve as a blueprint for other major metropolises around the globe”.