Tokyo 2016 Presents To IOC

Tokyo 2016 told the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in its presentation Wednesday that it plans to deliver the greatest ever legacy in the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

One hundred years since Japan joined the Olympic Movement, Tokyo 2016 said it promises to deliver a new 100-year legacy for the world through setting the greatest possible stage for athletes and inspiring the youth of the world through Japan’s contemporary appeal.

Dr. Ichiro Kono, Chair and CEO of Tokyo 2016 said, “the Olympic and Paralympic Games are much more than just two weeks of sporting excellence. They also mark the birth of a sustainable legacy. Tokyo 2016 will be a catalyst for the world’s greatest metropolitan makeover. The Games will help transform Tokyo and leave the Olympic Movement with an incredible legacy to inspire future cities.”

Dr. Kono said in the presentation, “we have created a national educational program promoting the values of the Olympic movement for schools. Last month, as a tribute to the Olympic Movement, we launched the Jigoro Kano International Institute for Olympism. It celebrates the first Asian IOC member, exactly 100 years ago”.

Tokyo said it aims to reconnect the youth of the world with sport by activating the most comprehensive youth program outreach ever, which includes using the global appeal of Japanese youth culture such as animates, mangas, fashion and cutting-edge technology, to reach out around the world.

Tokyo 2016 said with the launch of the “highly-innovative” “Tokyo Sport For All Programme” as part of Tokyo’s ten-year “Big Change” strategy, Tokyo 2016 is already helping to reunite Japan’s capital with sport, educating youth through Olympism and promoting a healthier lifestyle. Tokyo 2016 said it has already been the catalyst for introducing Olympic education to schools – a first for a Candidate City.

The bid committee wants to host the most eco-friendly Games transforming Tokyo into a sport-loving healthy metropolis. Tokyo 2016 wants to use the Games as a catalyst to display the best solutions for sustainable urban development and help other cities around the world tackle the major shared issues of the 21st century – from mature economies, ageing populations, and how to best care for the environment.

Tokyo 2016 plans to regenerate existing venues used for the 1964 Games into state-of-the-art, Green-designed and fully accessible sports facilities while creating five new world-class venues.

The Olympic Stadium, which will be built in the heart of the city on the Tokyo bayside, will feature a solar-panelled roof, which will contribute to the facility running on 100 per cent renewable energy – a commitment Tokyo said it made for all other 2016 venues.

Tokyo 2016 said the Games would be a catalyst for the “world’s greatest metropolitan makeover”, emphasized the bid has already secured $4 billion for the Games, reports The Associated Press. Kono said “Tokyo offers the most secure financial foundation for the Games. Let there be no mistake – $4 billion is in the bank today”. He added the city and national government would cover any budget shortfall.

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