Tokyo 2016 Partners With Two Institutions

Tokyo 2016 announced Tuesday two major new academic partnerships with Osaka University of Sports and Sciences, and Yamanashi Gakuin University.

Under the partnerships Tokyo 2016′ s bid will collaborate with the two new institutions on research and education centred on the Olympic Movement, as well as examining how to maximize the “unparalleled” legacy of Tokyo 2016’s “ultracompact, sustainable and environmentally-friendly Games vision”, said a press release.

Tokyo 2016 now has eight major academic partnerships.

Dr. Ichiro Kono, Chair and CEO of Tokyo 2016 said, “the Tokyo 2016 bid committee is pleased to partner with both Osaka University of Sports and Scienes and Yamanashi Gakuin University. We all share a common believe that education, sport and the Olympic Movement’s values of excellence, friendship and respect can benefit all levels of society.

“Both schools have made major contributions to Japanese sport, and partnerships like these are ensuring that Tokyo 2016 is setting the stage for athlete and sport industry heroes for the benefit of Japan and the entire Olympic Movement”.