Tokyo 2016 Paralympics Would Be Accessibility Showcase

Paralympians and Tokyo 2016 officials told the International Olympic Committee’s Evaluation Commission in Tokyo inspecting its 2016 Summer Olympic Games bid, they want the Games to be a trigger for all corners of society to support people with perceived disabilities.

A Tokyo 2016 press release says the Paralympic Games would be an accessibility showcase for the world thanks to Tokyo’s existing provisions for people with perceived disabilities and a suite of innovations that will be completed before 2016.

Paralympian Junichi Kawai, gold medal winter at the last five Paralympic Games said, “Japanese Paralympians have been so enthusiastic about hosting a Games that will be compact, sustainable and exciting, a Games that will enhance the complementary relationships between the Olympic and Paralympic Movements, and a Games that will advance the notion of a society in which everyone can achieve his or her full potential regardless of race, nationality, gender, religion, ethnicity or age – with or without a disability”.

He said Tokyo 2016 will make a turning point in the history of the Paralympics.

The Tokyo 2016 Paralympic Games would be the most compact ever, with all competition venues except shooting located within an eight km radius of the Paralympic Stadium, said a press release. Seventy five per cent of athletes will reside within 10 minutes of their competition venues. By using a universal design the Paralympic Games will be able to use competition venues from the Olympic Games because each will be fully accessible to athletes and spectators alike.

Tokyo 2016 would also use the same Village to house athletes within a short distance of competition venues.

The Paralympic Games would use the same IBC/MPC and transportation networks as the Olympics because of barrier-free access.