Tokyo 2016 Panel Event Inspires Youngsters

Tokyo’s Governor Shintaro Ishihara met hundreds of young people Monday at the city’s Midtown Hall for a “Move Up Tokyo” panel event, supported by Tokyo 2016.

Among the themes of the event were the Olympic values of “excellence, friendship and respect, and the dream of uniting a generation of young people with sport and healthy living” said a Tokyo 2016 press release.

Joining the Governor was a “star-studded” list of Olympians and celebrities, including Tokyo 2016 bid ambassador and former marathon runner Yuko Arimori.

According to the press release the panel shared insights into Tokyo 2016’s opportunities for young people with budding athletes, sports enthusiasts, prospective volunteers and others looking for new ways to engage with the global community.

Ishihara, who is also President of Tokyo 2016 said, “I am confident that seeing the Games and memorable performances from top athletes at first hand will inspire young people in particular to involve themselves in sport. To give young people a dream we need to bring the Olympic and Paralympic Games to Tokyo in 2016, and I believe that we can do so through our unique and innovative Games plan. Why shouldn’t we dream?”

Dr. Ichiro Kono, Chairman and CEO of Tokyo 2016 said, “the fantastic level of enthusiasm for Tokyo 2016 among young people continues to be an inspiration for us all. It is our next generation who will chiefly gain from the incredible legacy of our Olympic and Paralympic Games vision. The greatest urban, environmental and social transformation a major world city has ever seen will unite many of the people I was fortunate to meet today with sport, healthy living, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to welcome the world for a truly unique sporting and cultural celebration in the heart of dynamic Tokyo”.