Tokyo 2016 Officials At SportAccord For Candidate City Announcement

Senior members of Tokyo’s bid committee for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games arrived in Athens Monday ahead of the Candidate City announcement being made by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) executive board on Wednesday.

According to a media release Tokyo 2016 “aspires to create the most compact urban Games in the history of the Olympics – ensuring the city and its surrounds is at the hear of the occasion. The bid has developed a comprehensive plan, with a vision to transform Tokyo into an ecologically sustainable city not just for the Games but for the future generations”, said the media release.

The five officials at SportAccord include Tsunekazu Takeda, President of the Japanese Olympic Committee and Vice President of Tokyo 2016, and Dr. Ichiro Kono, Chairman and CEO of Tokyo 2016.

Dr. Kono said, “Tokyo 2016 is pleased to be in the home of the Olympics for this important decision for Tokyo and Japan’s future. We are here to represent the extensive support and hopes of the Japanese public. Bringing the Olympics to the heart of our vibrant capital city of Tokyo in 2016 will create a golden age of sporting achievement, inspiring our young athletes and producing a legacy of social, economic and environmental success that our future generations will be proud of.

“We hope to have the honour of becoming a Candidate City and get one step closer towards bringing the Olympic and Paralympic Games to Tokyo in 2016”.