Tokyo 2016 Makes Presentation At PASO

A top-level Tokyo 2016 delegation made a presentation Saturday in front of the 42-member National Olympic Committees of the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) at their General Assembly Meeting in Acapulco, Mexico.

Tokyo 2016 Chairman and CEO Dr. Ichiro Kono led the team. In his address Dr. Kono spoke about Tokyo 2016’s ten-year development plan for the Greater Metropolitan Tokyo area, bringing about an urban transformation in what he called an “unprecedented scale for a major world city”.

He said it would leave an “incredible” legacy for the Olympic Movement through demonstrating the power of the Games as a catalyst for social, sporting and economic renewal.

At the basis of this concept is Tokyo 2016’s compact Games concept. Two overlapping venue zones will unite Tokyo’s “modern waterfront and rich heritage” with the Olympic stadium being located “both conveniently and symbolically” where these zones come together.

Deputy Director General Hidetoshi Maki described in detail the benefits of an Olympic and Paralympic Games at the heart of city life for residents, visitors, athletes and officials; while Protocol Director Yuko Iwase outlined in Spanish the “world-leading” cultural assets, entertainment and cuisine offered in the heart of Tokyo.

Following the presentation Dr. Kono said, “we are delighted to have been able to share Tokyo 2016’s vision with such a dynamic and important organization as PASO – especially considering the effect of the 2002 IOC Session in Mexico City on the formation of our bid. The modern world’s need for advanced yet sustainable Olympic Games was a resolution we have taken to heart. Tokyo 2016 was conceived as, and remains, uniquely compact, sustainable and reflective of the times we live in”.

He added that Tokyo 2016 “offers a secure, reliable, yet innovative and technologically advanced Games plan which can truly be ‘Uniting Our Worlds’ and herald a golden era for Japanese sport and society for the benefit of millions”.

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