Tokyo 2016 – Major Support From Governor, Athletes

Tokyo 2016 confirmed Monday that Shintaro Ishihara, Governor of Tokyo, will take a major hands-on role in activities during the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Evaluation Commission’s visit to the city April 14-20 to assess the city’s bid April 16-19.

As President of Tokyo 2016, Governor Ishihara will greet the IOC Evaluation Commission and show the commission members around the sites of what Tokyo 2016 says is “the most compact and sustainable Games plan ever developed”.

According to a press release Ishihara will participate with the members of the international and domestic media starting with a reception Wednesday morning. More than 450 national and international journalists have applied for media accreditation.

Dr. Ichiro Kono, Chair and CEO of Tokyo 2016 said, “one of Tokyo 2016’s key assets is our people. That includes inspiring visionaries like Governor Ishihara, a host of Olympians and Paralympians who have ensured we have the most athlete-focused Games concept in history, and more than 34 million people in Tokyo who are ready to fill every venue and become long-term supporters of every sport.

“More than 90 million people across Japan are actively supporting Tokyo 2016 and with a likely prime television audience of three billion people, we guarantee a major sporting, social and economic legacy for the Olympic Movement”.

Meanwhile more than 600 Olympians, Paralympians and members of Japan’s sports industry rallied Monday in support of Tokyo’s 2016 bid.

Kono said at the rally that the Tokyo 2016 Games will be the most visionary and athlete-friendly ever staged with the greatest positive transformation program in Games history providing an unequalled sustainable legacy showcase for the Olympic Movement.

He said, “the Tokyo 2016 Games promises to be even more than the most athlete-focused Games ever staged. It will also create an incredible global, regional and national legacy for sport for years to come. We will create an unprecedented sustainable showcase for the Olympic Movement through an inspiriting blend of iconic new and existing sports venues and pioneering ways of caring for the environment”.

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