Tokyo 2016 Looks To Major Olympic Movement Events

Following the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) inspection of Tokyo 2016, the bid committee says it is now focused on a forthcoming series of major Olympic Movement events in the remaining five months of its bid.

First on the agenda is the International Press Association Conference (AIPS) in Milan Italy April 29 to May 3 where Tokyo 2016 will be presenting to delegates.

Dr. Ichiro Kono, Chair and CEO of Tokyo 2016 said, “Tokyo 2016 was honoured to host the esteemed members of the IOC Evaluation Commission in Tokyo. Now we are 100 per cent focused on the next stage of our bid. With only five months to go, we are working hard to ensure every member of the Olympic Family and Paralympic Family understands why Tokyo is the best choice for 2016”.

Tokyo 2016 will talk about its “ultra-compact plan” which it calls the most compact and convenient in history, where 97 per cent of venues are within an 8 km radius from the Athletes’ Village.

Following the AIPS Congress, a high-level Tokyo 2016 delegation will travel to the IOC headquarters in Lausanne to present its plan to the IOC membership at the 2016 Briefing for IOC Members June 16 and 17.