Tokyo 2016 Launches “Uniting Our Worlds” Campaign Theme

Tokyo kicked off the international phase of its bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing by launching Monday its “Uniting Our Worlds” campaign theme. According to a press release the new slogan promotes “Tokyo’s desire to use the Olympic and Paralympic Games to meet the great challenges it faces as a major city, such as urbanization, an ageing population and how best to care for the environment”.

Dr. Ichiro Kono, CEO and Chairman of Tokyo 2016 said, “we all live in one world, yet at Tokyo 2016 we recognize that we each also belong to our own unique worlds. In the true spirit of Olympism Tokyo 2016 aims to unite the best of all these to help provide answers to the biggest problems we face as a global society.

“We will provide tangible solutions to the 21st Century challenges of urbanization, mature economies, aging populations, and how to safeguard and improve the environment”.

Tsunekazu Takeda, President of the Japanese Olympic Committee said, “Tokyo 2016 already enjoys united, cross-party political support in Japan”, adding that according to two recent independent surveys 70 per cent of Japanese – close to one hundred million people – already support Tokyo’s bid.

He said, “our innovative Games concept is already creating a positive impression within the Olympic Family”, citing an example. “….in our Palace venue cluster, spectators will be able to use their Olympic event ticket to enter the grounds of the historic Imperial Palace. This will combine sport and culture in one unique Games-time experience”.

At the Beijing launch, Tokyo 2016 showcased its first international film about its bid, which, according to the press release, brings “alive the “Uniting Our Worlds” theme. The film shows a day in Tokyo, uniting the different aspect of life at the very heart of the city.