Tokyo 2016 – iPhone Countdown Launch, ANOCA

A Tokyo 2016 senior delegation in Abuja at the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) General Assembly is presenting its plan to “welcome the world to a metropolis of unrivalled safety and security – Tokyo – for the most visionary, athlete-focused Olympic and Paralympic Games in history”.

According to a press release the delegation, led by Tokyo 2016 Chair and CEO Dr. Ichiro Kono, will explain how Tokyo 2016 “will organize the world’s greatest spectacle in sport by ensuring ideal conditions for athletes, the Olympic family and spectators”.

The Tokyo 2016 presentation will describe Tokyo 2016’s plans to guaranty the availability of 45,000 hotel rooms with no minimum-stay requirements and a range of prices to suit all budgets. The delegates will talk about the “unrivalled safety and security of Tokyo”.

Prior to arriving in Abuja, Tokyo 2016 received the strong support of Kenyan marathon runner Eric Wainaina, Atlanta 1996 Bronze medallist and Sydney 2000 Silver medallist.

Meanwhile Apple iPhone users will be able to experience Tokyo 2016’s countdown to the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) selection of a host city for the 2016 Games on October 2, following the launch of an application for the device.

A Tokyo 2016 press release said the new application brings users a variety of Tokyo 2016-related functions, including news updates and a new blog, as well as the countdown calendar and clock. Bilingual support is available in English and Japanese.

On milestone dates – such as “50 days to go”, entry to the final month, and the 10th day before the decision, the application will display special decorative graphics in a unique Japanese style.

Tokyo 2016 Chief Internet Officer, Takao Ozawa, said, “I am very excited by the release of the Tokyo 2016 bid countdown application today. A highly user-friendly application, the app makes it easier than ever before for our bid’s huge number of passionate supporters to access the very latest Tokyo 2016 news and information. We are sure the iPhone users around the world will enjoy this illustration of the cutting-edge technology at the heart of the bid”.

Dr. Ichiro Kono, Chair and CEO of Tokyo 2016 said, “the Tokyo 2016 iPhone application brings up-to-the-minute bid news on one of the most popular consumer technology formats anywhere, and is therefore another example of how we are setting the stage for heroes with a Games at the heart of everyday life. From the ultra-compact and sustainable Tokyo 2016 venues plan to the use of cutting edge technology to ensure Japan’s dynamic capital city is fully accessible to visitors from across the world, our bid is innovating at every turn to ensure a memorable Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016”.

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