Tokyo 2016 Introduces Olympic Textbooks

Tokyo 2016 is introducing an “innovative” Olympic textbook produced by Tokyo 2016 and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for millions of Japanese schoolchildren.

According to a press release the study guide has been distributed to 115 schools across the country with editions adapted for elementary, middle and high school students. It will be distributed to every school in Japan starting in November, and will be translated into English for use by other National Olympic Committees in the coming months.

The textbook will immerse young people in the “Musubi Promise” of uniting youth and sport, and explore key aspects of Olympic history including the legacy of the 1964 Tokyo Games, said Tokyo 2016.

It focuses on traditional Olympic values, such as inclusiveness and fair play, combined with new considerations, which include Tokyo 2016’s vision for an urban transformation, which will make Japan’s “vibrant” capital a model of sustainable development for major world cities, said the press release.

Yuki Ota, fencing silver medallist at the Beijing 2008 Games, launched the textbook at the Toyosu Kita elementary school in Tokyo before inspiring students with his Olympic experiences and the passion of his fellow Olympians.

Dr, Ichiro Kono, Chairman and CEO of Tokyo 2016 said, “young people, like the rest of Japanese society, have shown a strong interest in our commitment to the ‘Musubi Promise’ and we are delighted to share the Olympic story with them through the informative and engaging textbook. Through our vision of an innovative, compact and sustainable Games Tokyo will undergo an unprecedented urban and environmental transformation. This will in turn help us to bring about a new golden era in Tokyo and all of Japan for the benefit of these young people”.

Dr. Kono is leading a delegation to the Sixth World Forum on Sport, Education and Culture in Busan South Korea taking place September 25-27, at which Tokyo 2016 is promoting the cultural assets of Japan’s capital city and gain insights into uniting education, culture and sport for a lasting legacy for generations of Japanese, said the press release.

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