Tokyo 2016 Gets Support From Art Forms Institution

According to a media release by Tokyo 2016, the bid is getting support from the institution behind one of Japan’s “most revered ancient art forms”.

The Chairman of the Iida Mizuhiki Association, Toshio Sasaki, and the Mayor of the city of Iida, Mitsuo Makino, met with Tokyo’s Governor and President of Tokyo 2016, Shintaro Ishihara, and the Chairman and CEO of Tokyo 2016, Dr. Ichiro Kono, to offer their support to the bid and present a mizuhiki version of the Tokyo 2016 logo.

Mizuhiki are decorative knotted strings traditionally used to signify blessings at celebrations and played an important role in medal ceremonies during the 1998 Nagano Winter Games. It’s an important aspect of Iida city’s local industry and the city has been showing its support for the bid and since it has learned Tokyo 2016 has chosen to use the mizuhiki as the motif of its logo.

The logo integrates the five Olympic colours to symbolize the blending of sport and culture, cities and nature, the present and future, heritage and innovation, and Japan and the world.

Tokyo 2016’s Chairman and CEO Dr. Ichiro Kono said, “we welcome the backing of such an important body within Japan. There is a growing tide of support for Tokyo 2016 that currently represents nearly 80 million people in Japan alone. This is a clear demonstration of the importance of the Olympic Movement in our country. It is a humbling affirmation of the incredible sporting, social, economic and environmental legacy Tokyo 2016 will create if we are awarded the honour of hosting the 2016 Games”.

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