Tokyo 2016 Delegation To Learn From Beijing Paralympics

A high level delegation from Japan, including representatives from the Tokyo 2016 bid committee and members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, arrived in Beijing Saturday for the Beijing Paralympic Games.

The delegation included Tokyo 2016 Chairman and CEO, Dr. Ichiro Kono, Japanese Paralympic Committee Chairman and Tokyo 2016 executive board member Isao Hokugo, the Vice Governor of Tokyo Kazuhisa Yamaguchi, who are in Beijing to learn about hosting the Paralympic Games.

Dr. Kono said, “Tokyo 2016 is now focused on learning from how China hosts the 2008 Paralympic Games following a very successful IOC Observer Program for the 2008 Olympic Games last month. Tokyo is a city in the cusp of the greatest ever metropolitan make-over and by enhancing our world-class provisions for people with disabilities we can create an incredible showcase for the Olympic Movement and disability sport through the 2016 Paralympic Games”.