Tokyo 2016 Could Be “Most Technologically Advanced Games”

Underlining its commitment to place Japan’s “impressive” technological infrastructure at the heart of the Tokyo 2016 Summer Games vision, Tokyo 2016 welcomed new research conducted by Oxford University’s renowned Said Business School, which found Japan’s broadband Internet connectivity to be the best on the planet.

According to a Tokyo 2016 press release, the Cisco-sponsored project that was revealed at the start of the recent International Broadcasting Conference in The Netherlands evaluated the experience of broadband consumers across the world against the claims of service providers. It was achieved by using data from eight million tests in May 2008 by, the largest of many free connection-testing services on the web.

The press release say the wealth of innovation will be used to help make Tokyo 2016 the most technologically advanced Games ever held.

Dr. Ichiro Kono, Chairman and CEO of Tokyo l2016 said, “Tokyo 2016 is working hard to develop new and productive partnerships in the digital field, ensuring that this great strength is harnessed for the benefit of athletes, visitors and the entire Olympic Family should we be given the honour of hosting the Games in 2016”.

Tokyo is hosting many of the world’s leading digital experts at the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies convention September 30 to October 4. The event will feature specialists presenting new technologies and discuss future trends including how the best digital technology can serve the Olympic Movement.