Tokyo 2016 Bid To Benefit From Green Initiatives

Tokyo’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games got a boost following the announcement that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government adopted every environmental initiative put forward by planners from around the world at the C40 Conference on Climate Change, an international forum to discuss measures needed to develop sustainable low-carbon cities.

The talks set out 13 areas of action that cities should take to address climate change. Each city agreed to begin implementing initiatives that focus on the 13 areas and will report on the status at a C40 “climate summit” in Seoul next year.

Some of the ideas were expanding green space in metropolitan areas, monitoring genetically modified food products and the effects of global warming, as well as developing systems to allow maximum air flow and access to water.

Representatives also explored solar power solutions and innovations such as water-retentive pavements to counter the heating effects of concrete.

Dr. Ichiro Kono, Chairman and CEO of Tokyo 2016 said, “Our opportunity to host the Games in 2016 coincides with Tokyo’s Big Change – The Ten Year Plan, a Tokyo Metropolitan Government project which will bring about a comprehensive urban and environmental transformation of Tokyo by the year 2016. Our bid is committed to the shared vision and determined to learn from international best practices such as those explored at this convention”.

A Tokyo 2016 press release said the C40 conference represents another stride towards the creation of a model of sustainable urbanization, which is currently underway as part of Tokyo’s Big Change – the Ten Year Plan. By 2016 the areas will have gained 1,000 hectares of new greenery helping to create an unprecedented Olympic and Paralympic experience for athletes and spectators, uniting the Games and healthy living in a convenient urban setting.

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