Tokyo 2016 Bid Committee In The Red

Mainichi reports the Tokyo 2016 bid committee is expected to be more than 100 million yen in the red, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has asked the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) to cover a portion of the shortfall.

Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara told Mainichi Monday, “it’s out of the question to say that the JOC has no responsibility. The JOC should endeavour to bear some of the burden”.

The bid committee reportedly had a budget of 10 billion yen in public funds for three years ending in October and the metropolitan government hopes to avoid adding more public monies, reports Mainichi.

The JOC told Mainichi that it had received the request, and that “we want to help with what we can”. But the working group appointed by the government to eliminate wasteful spending is considering a cut to the JOC’s budget.

The metropolitan government is studying how to make up for a budget shortfall.