Tokyo 2016 Applauds Former JOC President’s Award

Tokyo 2016 is applauding the “extraordinary achievements” of former Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) President and swimming legend Hironoshin Furuhashi on receiving the “Order of Culture” from His Imperial Majesty the Emperor Akihito during the Culture Day ceremony November 3.

A Tokyo 2016 press release says the award demonstrates the important role of sport at the heart of society and culture in Japan, and the country’s desire to celebrate its unifying power through hosting the 2016 Games.

Furuhashi has been a keen advocate for the Tokyo 2016 Musubi Promise to unite Japan, and its passion for Olympic sport with the world, as well as the bid’s plan to integrate the 2016 Games with the heart of life and culture in Tokyo.

Furuhashi said Tokyo 2016 will build on the legacy of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics “and unite young and old with the Olympic spirit of peace and cooperation. I am a passionate supporter of Tokyo 2016’s commitment to ‘Uniting Our Worlds’ through sport, and hope the Olympic Family will help us to make this vision a reality”.