Several Events Promote Tokyo 2016 Olympics

Tokyo 2016 has been promoting its bid and the Olympic Games through several events, the latest being its “Olympics for All” road show series, which, according to a press release, has been uniting young and old with sport and the Olympic Movement for more than a year.

In the program Olympic athletes are able to share their experiences with Tokyo 2016 supporters at a variety of locations, including schools and work places.

“Olympics for All” showcases have been held to date at more than 30 locations nation wide, from large cities to small towns. Seven events are being held in November and many more will continue to be staged.

Dr. Ichiro Kono, Chairman and CEO of Tokyo 2016 said, “these events are bringing to life both the Olympic spirit and the transformative power of sport for the people of Japan. The sense of possibility and achievement conveyed by some of the world’s highest sporting achievers are helping Tokyo 2016 inspire people of all ages to engage or re-engage with sport and healthy living. The passion across all levels of society for Tokyo 2016 demonstrates that these would be a Games for the entire nation, heralding a golden economic, social and sporting era for Japan”.

To boost its bid Tokyo 2016 is hosting a major symposium in the heart of the city. In the press release Tokyo 2016 urged members of the public to attend the meeting which will see “world-renowned” architect and member of the Grand Design team for Tokyo 2016, Tadao Ando, deliver a keynote speech highlight the Tokyo 2016 Games vision.

This follows the recent Tokyo Marunouchi Street Stadium event which brought Olympic sports to central Tokyo. Tokyo 2016 and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government have also introduced Tokyo Exercise, a new fitness program comprising different forms to suit varying fitness levels, which it says unites young and old with healthy living.