International Sports Events Boost Tokyo 2016

Tokyo 2016 announced two world-class sporting events successfully ended Sunday, boosting Tokyo’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The Women’s Volleyball World Qualification series and the 2008 Tour of Japan, an international road cycling competition, both attracted a high attendance of “passionate” sports fans.

On the final day of play for the Women’s Volleyball World Final Qualification, the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, proposed venue for the 2016 Games and previous venue of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, was filled with 10,000 cheering fans.

Also Sunday the streets of Tokyo were filled with 130,000 cycling fans cheering on the international cyclists competing in the 2008 Tour of Japan. The race was completed in seven stages around Japan and culminated in Tokyo, going through the proposed area for the cycling event in Tokyo’s 2016 bid.

Dr. Ichiro Kono, Tokyo 2016 Chairman and CEO said, “the two events, held at the very heart of the city, allowed athletes and citizens to enjoy a taste of the incredible sporting experience promised in the Tokyo 2016 vision and concept for the Olympic and Paralympic Games”.

Tokyo is also welcoming this weekend the Men’s Volleyball World Final Qualification the regional qualification of Asia teams for Beijing 2008.

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