High-Level Tokyo 2016 Delegation Presents At ANOCA

A high-level delegation from Tokyo’s 2016 bid addressed Africa’s National Olympic Committees at the ANOCA General Assembly in Abuja Tuesday.

Dr. Ichiro Kono, Chair and CEO of Tokyo 2016 led the delegation. The bid team explained how Tokyo 2016 will use a “unique celebration of sport in the heart of Japan’s dynamic capital” as the catalyst to generate a 100-year international legacy for the benefit of Africa NOC and athletes as an important part of the Olympic and Paralympic Family.

Dr. Kono said, “between now and 2016 we will be setting the stage for our heroes to achieve their best in Tokyo. We present an athlete-focused plan with optimal conditions for all your athletes to train and perform to the peak of our abilities. Tokyo 2016 offers a rock solid plan that is both economically sound and guaranteed at the highest levels in Japan. It is absolutely the right plan for these difficult economic times”.

He added that all the land for the new venues is already secured and 23 out of 34 proposed venues exist.

Tsunekazu Takeda, President of the Japanese Olympic Committee and Vice President of Tokyo 2016 emphasized the bid’s commitment if Tokyo hosts the 2016 Games. He said, “the Tokyo Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (TOCOG) will provide financial and logistical support for NOC delegations planning trips to Tokyo in the year prior to the Games.

“TOCOG will assist in sourcing locations and organizing pre-Games training camps.

“All NOCs will be guaranteed smooth entry into Japan with multi-entry visas for all accredited personnel. TOCOG will also provide all possible assistance in location sourcing, design and construction of NOC houses. We will offer the widest possible range of related support services”.

He also emphasized how Tokyo 2016 would offer the best environment for African Olympic and Paralympic Family members, adding “when you arrive in Tokyo for the Games, we pledge world-class accommodation for you in the heart of all the action at the heart of city life”.