Bid Showcase Promotes Tokyo 2016

Tokyo-based diplomats representing more than 50 countries participated Thursday in an exclusive bid showcase organized by Tokyo 2016 and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

A Tokyo 2016 press release said the foreign diplomatic officials gained insights into how Japan will deliver the “most compact and sustainable Olympic and Paralympic Games in history”.

The showcase included a presentation, tours of the Japan Institute of Sports Sciences, the National Training Centre, and an evening reception. Among those in attendance were ambassadors, charges d’affaires, cultural attaches and other major diplomatic figures from nations across the world.

Tokyo 2016 gave a comprehensive overview of its compact plan which will see 95 per cent of Olympic events staged within an eight km radius of central Tokyo.

Japanese Olympic Committee President Tsunekazu Takeda joined Tokyo Metropolitan Governor and President of Tokyo 2016 Shintaro Ishihara in hosting the event.

Ishihara said, “Tokyo had the honour of being selected by the International Olympic Committee in June this year as a candidate for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. We are very proud to have received the highest overall evaluation among the applicant cities.

“Under the slogan of ‘Uniting Our Worlds’, one of our aspirations for the Games is to showcase our strong commitment to sustainability. A major part of this has been making all possible use of the legacies of the 1964 Olympic and Paralympic Games. These venues have been treasured by Tokyo as a precious part of Olympic history”, he said.

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