Rio 2016 Buses To Have Biodegradable Fuel

During the 13th Passenger Transport Convention held in Rio de Janeiro, a Protocol of Intent was agreed upon Friday should Rio host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Under the agreement all buses which transport athletes, journalists, delegations and authorities participating in the Games will use biodegradable fuel which is a by-product of renewable sources (with 20 per cent biodiesel).

The agreement was signed by State Transport Secretary Julio Lopes, State Environment Secretary Marilene Ramos, and Executive President of the Passenger Transport Companies in Rio de Janeiro, Lelis Teixeira, said a press release.

The project called Biodiesel Project B20 targets improvement in air quality of the city’s metropolitan region.

Alexandre Techima, Infrastructure Manager of the Rio 2016 Commission said, “the concern with the environment is one of the pillars of the candidacy of Rio de Janeiro. The utilization of biodegradable fuel will be an important legacy and Rio de Janeiro will serve as an example to expand the project to other cities”.

According to the press release studies will be conducted to define the bus routes which will be employed to test the new fuel. The first routes will be those passing through the four zones of the Rio 2016 Games.

Lopes said, “this agreement is an advance measure to improve public transport and the quality of life of Cariocas, Rio de Janeiro citizens. It will be a source of great pride to have the Olympic fleet utilizing biofuel”.