Rio 2016 Awaits IOC Commission

A 13-member International Olympic Committee (IOC) Evaluation Commission is arriving in Rio de Janeiro Monday to inspect the city’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The team will spend seven days in the city to analyze the details of the bid and prepare a report for the IOC members who will choose the host city for the 2016 Games.

Carlos Arthur Nuzman, President of Rio 2016 said, “this is a key moment as it is the only opportunity permitted by the IOC for their members to visit Rio de Janeiro to learn about our plans. We are confident. In partnership with representatives of the three levels of Government, Rio 2016 will go through the plans presented in our Candidature File and show that Rio is prepared to receive the greatest sports event on the planet”.

There are 17 themes covering 300 technical questions in the Candidature File to be explained. Three hundred professionals from Rio 2016 and the three levels of government will be directly involved in the IOC visit.

The IOC Evaluation Commission will be based at the Copacabana Palace Hotel where the official meetings are to take place. Monday and Tuesday the commission will have internal meetings.

Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday morning the commission members will attend technical presentations followed by a question and answer session on each of the 17 themes presented in the Candidature File.

On Friday the IOC commission will visit sports venues that are part of Rio’s bid. Saturday afternoon the visit will end with press conferences by the IOC and Rio 2016.

Carlos Roberto Osorio, Secretary General of Rio 2016 said, “it is a very complex operation. We have conducted extensive planning and simulation work, and we are ready to welcome the IOC commission. This is a great opportunity to show, at home, the excellence of our bid and the unique aspects that only Rio has to offer the Olympic movement”.

Earth Times reports that Rio 2016 picked May 1 as the day in which inspectors will be escorted around different parts of the city to the 2016 venues because May Day is a public holiday, so the IOC representatives won’t have to deal with the traffic jams that are becoming more of a nightmare for residents.

Castelo Branco, head of operations for Rio 2016 reportedly said “in Chicago the city tour took place on a Sunday”.

Rules prevent reporters from having any contact with the inspectors who will address the media Saturday. Reporters will only have access to places on the itinerary once the IOC leaves, reports Earth Times.

Rio 2016 press spokesman Saint-Clair Milesi said that the Rio bid committee did not determine such restrictions. He said, “this is the system that they demand, and it is the same that was adopted in earlier visits to Chicago and Tokyo”.

On May 1 Rio residents have been requested to dress in Brazil’s national colours of green and yellow to express their support for the bid. Milesi said, “we know people will want to enjoy the beach and to make the most of the public holiday, and what we are asking is that they do so dressed in green and yellow and that they put the national flag up on the windows of their homes. The idea is to organize something spontaneous, and not a crowded event”.

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