President Lula's Empassioned Remarks Highlight Rio 2016 Olympic Bid Presentation

Rio de Janeiro presented their 2016 Olympic bid to the IOC third, at 12:05 PM local time in Copenhagen. A summary follows.

IOC member from Brazil Joao Havelange took the stage first. He shared memories of past Games that he participated in.

“I dream of history being made in 2016, the first Games in South America”

Havelange asked IOC members to help celebrate his 100th birthday at the Rio 2016 Games.

President of the Brazilian Olympic Committee Carlos Nuzman took the podium next. He described his past and experience in the Olympic movement. He said he dreams of seeing the whole world in Rio.

“Our economy is dynamic and strong and ready to host the Games” he said.

“Yes, Brazil is ready, Rio is ready. Ready to host the Games of certainty…”

“We are members of the same team that delivered the 2007 Pan American and Parapan-American Games”

Nuzman then showed his now-famous map of Olympic Games spread throughout the world with the exception of Africa and South America. He made a plea to send the Games to South America for the first time.

A video was presented showing various athletic and cultural events happening in typical Rio style. Images of the 2007 Pan Am Games were added.

Sergio Cabral, Governor of the State of Rio de Janiero took the stage and reminded IOC members that Rio was voted happiest city in the world by Forbes Magazine.

Cabral outlined financial plans and goals for the 2016 Games. He said they were ready to start immediately. Transportation improvements are to be completed prior the start of the 2014 World Cup.

With respect to security concerns Cabral said “changes are happening, and happening as the result of sport”.

He said policing changes were made as a result of hosting the 2007 Pan Am Games.

He concluded “our people are ready”.

Henrique Meirelles, President of the Central Bank of Brazil took the stage and outlined the economic situtation in Brazil including investments and employment. He reviewed the validity of of Rio 2016’s finacial plan.

Meirelles said Brazil has the 10th largest economy of the world and will soon be 5th.

Eduardo Paes, Mayor of Rio de Janiero said that the World Cup in 2014 would be used as a springboard for a magnificent Olympic Games in 2016.

He then reviewed the Games masterplan emphasizing short transportation times. A 3D flyover provided a view of the venues planned for the Olympic Games.

He emphasized the valuable legacy venues will provide empasizing that the Olympic Village will provide much required housing and other facilities will be valuable for business.

“Rio 2016 will help change the face of Rio, for visitors and residents for years to come.”

The Mayor reminded the IOC members that public support in Rio is 85%.

Brazilian athlete, Sabel Swan, helped develop the venue plan and emphasized that is was designed for the athletes.

She introduced legendary football player Pele and described how he was transformed by sport.

She introduced three other Brazilian athletes and described their accomplishments were recognized.

President Lula of Brazil took the podium. He spoke about millions of Brazilians following the bid on television.

“We are a people passionate about sports and passionate about life”

“I honestly believe it is Brazil’s time.”

He said that Brazil’s bid is the only bid from a country that hasn’t hosted before. He said that to the others, it is “just another Games”.

“For us it will be an unparalleled opportunity.”

“The opportunity now is to expand the Games to new continents. It is time to light the cauldron in a tropical climate.”

“The Olympic Games belongs to all people, all continents and all humanity.”

“Rio is ready, give us this chance and you will not regret it.”

President Lula concluded his emotional remarks.

Another video showed Brazilian culture.

Carlos Nuzman took the podium once again.

“The Olympic flame has always burned the brightest when it has brought people together and marked a new chapter in history.”

“Give hope to all cities who inspire to host the Games.”

Questions were taken from the floor.

Carlos Nuzman addressed a question about doping – he said Rio will investigate doping matters and exchange information. He said the rules of the IOC regarding doping will be respected.

Carlos Osario answered a question about accomodation and described a flexible plan that addresses the needs of the IOC. The Mayor of Rio, responding to IOC criticism that cruise ships couldn’t be reserved seven years out, assured that this would not be a problem.

Prince Albert of Monaco asked what legacy was most important to Rio’s bid. The Governor of Rio responded that Rio provides the best legacy of the four cities in terms of infrastructure, transportation, enviroment and quality of life but he said the greatest leagacy will be self-esteem for all Brazilians.

IOC Member Austin Sealy asked how the IOC can be certain that there is no risk to the delivery of the Games. President Lula fielded the question and ensured the committtment of the Federal Government and said that Rio will have the opportunity to deliver more than what was promised.

The meeting was adjourned.

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