Portuguese Chamber Of Commerce Supports Rio 2016

Rio de Janeiro’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games received the support Thursday of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in Rio de Janeiro. The organization works to develop commercial, technological, social and cultural relations between Portugal and Rio.

At the event, Rio 2016 secretary general Carlos Roberto Osorio gave a presentation outlining Rio 2016’s bid and its next steps.

Following the presentation, which was attended by 60 members and guests of the Chamber of Commerce, Osorio took questions on themes including transport, security synergies with the 2014 World Cup, the Olympic Games’ power to drive social transformation, sports facilities, and the voting system to be used by the IOC to choose the 2016 host city.

Osorio said, “the interest expressed in so many subjects demonstrates that Brazilians are very much involved with Rio 2016. We have given presentations to many different organizations and the response has always been positive. The support of an international organization like the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce is very important. Brazil and Portugal have a lot in common and this debate is fundamental in the development of a complex project like an Olympic bid”.