Pele Boosts Rio 2016 At Pan Am General Assembly

Pele, one of Brazil’s “legendary team that won the country’s third world cup in Mexico” in 1970, is in Acapulco taking part in the first official presentation of Rio de Janeiro’s bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games at the General Assembly of the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO).

The Rio 2016 team includes Carlos Arthur Nuzman, president, Carlos Roberto Osorio, secretary general, Christiane Paquelet, director of the Education and Culture Department of the Brazilian Olympic Committee, and Mario Cilenti, Rio 2016’s director of international relations.

Nuzman said Pele’s presence is a significant boost to the Rio 2016 campaign. He said, “”Pele has really identified personally with the campaign and his support is very important, since he is respected around the entire world, and not just as an athlete. He made a point of coming to Mexico to be alongside us”.