Grand Prix’s Popularity To Promote Rio 2016

The 37th Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos is promoting Rio de Janeiro’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

Not only will Rio’s 2016 bid be introduced to spectators at the event, but also to the 380 million people watching on television in 140 countries, said a press release.

According to the Rio 2016 press release the initiative is designed to increase recognition of the Rio 2016 brand both in Brazil and internationally, and attract business people and other influential figures from diverse sectors for future partnerships if Rio’s bid to host the 2016 Games is successful.

At Interlagos the Brazilian Minister of Sports, Orlando Silva Junior, and Rio 2016 President Carlos Arthur Nuzman, will meet with sports and economic leaders, including Britain’s Olympic Minister Tessa Jowell who is responsible for the London 2012 Games, to discuss the London bid strategy and the ongoing process of organizing the Games.

Nuzman said, “our presence at the Grand Prix is extremely important since it brings together major political, business and sports personalities, both Brazilian and international, as well as reaching a very large audience due to the popularity of Formula 1 in Brazil and the world”.

Silva Junior said, “Brazil’s competence in organizing the Grand Prix is recognized, and we want to show the world we can also host the Olympic Games, in the same way we are welcoming lovers of speed during these three days of emotional competition at Interlagos”.