Spain’s IOC Member Touts Madrid 2016

Juan Antonio Samaranch Jr., Spain’s member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), has asked managers of international sporting federations based in Spain to transmit the motto “of vitality and certainty” on behalf of Madrid’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

Samaranch said, “Madrid has a unique opportunity to win the Games. We have a joint motto, vitality and reliability, for happiness and for all that Madrid has already done along with its organizational experience. The IOC will sleep more peacefully over the next seven years for knowing the Games will be in Madrid. Have every confidence in this message”.

Samaranch told the meeting of the Higher Council for Sport being held in Madrid that the bid was “going very well” and collaboration between the Spanish NOC, Higher Council for Sport, City Hall and the Olympic office was “already yielding great fruit”. He added “there is no doubt over the credibility of this project and it has been gathering much momentum recently”.

Meanwhile Secretary of State for Sport Jaime Lissavetzy, who chaired the meeting, underlined the importance of working effectively with sporting federations. He said, “there’s a very good prospective on this, but there still a long way to go. We have many good reasons but still need to win those votes. It will be so important for Spain if Madrid gets the Games”.