Madrid Hopes New Measures On Doping Will Help 2016 Bid

Madrid 2016 head Mercedes Coghen said Thursday Madrid’s bid to win the 2016 Summer Olympic Games has been strengthened by Spain’s determination to crack down on doping after several high-profile cases tarnished the country’s athletes, reports News 24.

Sports Minister Jaime Lissavetzy said he would root out cheats and send those distributing drugs to jail.

Spain has launched a major anti-drugs investigation after it uncovered a drug ring that provided mainly cyclists with banned substances two years ago. It also introduced a new doping law to strengthen the government’s legal arsenal, reports News 24.

Coghen said, “it used to be two controls conducted by the National Olympic Committee and now it has become three between the Games. We need to have a (anti-doping) law that is in the same line as the International Olympic Committee. They (sports authorities) have been working very, very hard on this and this is very good for Madrid 2016”.