Madrid Can Win 2016 Games – Mayor

Madrid 2016 bid leaders told a press conference Wednesday that Madrid can deliver a great Games supported with the passion of the Spanish people.

Alberto Ruiz Gallardon, Mayor of Madrid said, “the support of our people is one of the most important assets of our bid. It can help us to win”.

The Mayor spoke of Honorary President for Life Juan Antonio Samaranch, who was also at the press conference, saying, “we have learned much from Mr. Samaranch over the years. We are all his pupils and he has helped our bid to be strong.

“We have shown that our bid is strong in every way and the support goes from our people, through all levels of the Government and to our Royal Family with the King of Spain attending our rehearsal completely engaged with our final presentation for Friday. We have the financial guarantees and most venues are built or under construction”.

Alejandro Blanco, President of the Spanish Olympic Committee, said that Madrid 2016 would be a “Games for the athletes in a country that has enjoyed much sporting success and is passionate about sport”.

Mercedes Coghen CEO of Madrid 2016 said, “there are four great cities and four great bids but we hope and believe that Madrid will win”.

Coghen earlier apologized for the remarks made by Spanish Olympic Committee Vice President Jose Maria Odriozola who said Rio de Janeiro was “the worst bid” of the four candidates. She said, “we want to apologize to Rio if it is bothered by the comments. We have been trying to have fair play around the last three years”.

Coghen said she did not expect Madrid’s bid team to be distracted in the final stretch of lobbying for votes by having to give explanations to the IOC Ethics Commission. She said, “I’m really confident that they are going to understand. We are saying we are sorry”.