Madrid 2016 Says It’s Safest Choice

Madrid 2016 officials will tomorrow highlight to European International Olympic Committee (IOC) members the five main reasons why it’s “the safest choice” for 2016 during a presentation to the 37th General Assembly of the European Olympic Committees in Istanbul.

The “high five” reasons are: it’s ready to go with 77 per cent of the venues completed; it’s well supported, ninety three per cent of the public and all political parties support the bid. It’s experienced with more than 100 international events having been held in Madrid in the past ten years. The bid is 90 per cent towards its funding goal and the whole project is underwritten, so it’s financially secure. Also Madrid’s streets are safe and secure for people to “live and enjoy, day and night”, said a press release.

Videos will be shown to the IOC during the presentation with appearances by some of Spain’s best-known international sports stars.

Mercedes Coghen, CEO of the bid and a member of the delegation said, “as well as demonstrating that our bid is reliable we want to show that an Olympic and Paralympic Games will also be great fun. We have a vibrant, multi-cultural society which welcomes visitors to enjoy not only sport but all the city has to offer in terms of sights, culture and nightlife”.

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