Madrid 2016 – No Budgetary Constraints, Venue Changes

Alberto Ruiz Gallardon, Mayor of Madrid, told a reception for new sponsors that Madrid’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games won’t suffer any budgetary constrains because of the current global economic crisis. He said Madrid’s bid is financially secure because all the city’s infrastructure is ready and 70 per cent of the remaining work is in place.

Gallardon said, “the crisis will not affect our plans”.

He also announced that some venues would be re-located to make the Madrid Games even more compact.

Gallardon and bid CEO Mercedes Coghen told journalists at the reception that the next stage of the bid is to concentrate on communicating the project to the National Olympic Committees in each continent starting with the meeting of the Pan American Sports Organisations (PASO) being held in Acapulco Mexico.

Coghen explained they have decided to relocate the Judo, Taekwondo, Handball and Rhythm Gymnastics venues to improve the bid. She said, “with these changes we will have a truly compact Olympic city which together with a great transport infrastructure, will make this the Games for All, accessible to everyone”.