Madrid 2016 “Impulse Day” Celebration To Attract One Million

Up to one million people are expected to attend Madrid’s “Impulse Day” celebration Sunday in Cibeles Square to show support and solidarity for Madrid 2016’s Summer Olympic bid.

The celebrants will be wearing the colours of Madrid’s Olympic Hand bid logo, and will come together as a city to form part of a giant Olympic Hand and the largest human mosaic ever created, said a press release.

93.6 per cent of Spanish citizens expressed their clear support for the Games in Madrid, along with full backing from all levels of Spanish society, from the Royal Family to corporates, unions, the government, political parties and sporting federations.

The human mosaic will be photographed at 19.30 hours local time and images will be sent across the world once again to underline the strength of support for Madrid 2016 in all corners of the world, said the press release. There will be a free concert and a fiesta featuring activities for everyone including jugglers, face painters, street artists, etc.

Madrid 2016 bid leader Mercedes Coghen said, “we are now all very excited about making the journey to Copenhagen. We will be there as the representatives of our city and look forward to telling the IOC why Madrid is the best city to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016”.

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