Madrid 2016 At Forum For Insights On Generation 16

A top level delegation from Madrid 2016 is attending the Sixth World Forum on Sport, Education and Culture in Busan South Korea to get an insight for it’s own Generation 16 initiative, a program devised by Madrid 2016 to get more people of all ages and social backgrounds involved in sport.

Among the Madrid delegation at the forum are Mercedes Coghen, head of Madrid 2016, and Spain’s International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Juan Antonio Samaranch Jr.

The main aims of Generation 16 according to Madrid 2016 are to promote the practice of sports among young people, organize programs aimed at physical stimulation in schools, develop sports support programs through the recruitment of talented people, encourage educative programs on the values of sports and their application in daily life, support programs to promote physical activity among adults, and develop health and sports programs for the elderly.

Coghen said, “we would like the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Madrid 2016 to be the ‘Games with a Human Touch’ and to be a great sports event which brings the practice of sports closer to all social groups. We would also like our Games to improve the idea of co-existence by integrating the values of the Olympics with every aspect of social life.

“Generation 16 is an initiative which will bring sport closer to the lives of everyone in Madrid and especially to young people through special sports events and school programs.

“By attending this forum of international leaders in education and culture link to sport we are here to learn and share our ideas on what we call Generation 16”.

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