Former IOC President Samaranch Asks For The 2016 Olympic Games In Madrid At Final Presentation

Madrid made the fourth and final Olympic bid presentation of the day to IOC members in Copenhagen. Following is a summary.

Spanish IOC member Juan Antonio Samaranch Jr. took the podium first and introduced the bid delagation.

Madrid Mayor Alberto Ruiz Gallardin took the stage next.

The Mayor said that this is the second consecutive bid for Madrid. He said that in sport there is never failure, you can never give up. He said he and his team will stay to support the Madrid Olympics for the next seven years.

A video portraying Madrid as multicultural showed people of different nationalities and different cultures living in Madrid.

Mercedes Coghen, CEO of Madrid 2016 spoke next. She spoke about her Olympic experience in Field Hockey.

“We believe in our games with the human touch.”

“Thanks to our location and time zone we offer a global Games.”

A video showed a visualization of the venue plan as described by Coghen and others. The empasis was on the bid’s planned legacy, environmental plans and the compact, efficient transportation plans.

Esperanza Agguirre, President of the Regional Government of Madrid spoke about her governments committment to the Games and emphasized Olympic values and her goal to change the life of citizens of Madrid.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, President of the Spanish Government was next on stage. He spoke of infrastructure that is already built and ready.

“Our candidacy is reliable. It is reliable because it is united politically.”

“We have listened to everything the IOC has suggested.”

“I commit to a project which will allow the spreading of athletics for all young people.”

A video was shown of people “relaying” an envelope from Madrid, across Europe and finally to the Bella Center in Copenhagen resolved into an actual handoff of a letter to the IOC signed by the people of Madrid. It contained a message hope and dreams for the 2016 Olympics.

Alejandro Blanco, President of the Spanish Olympic Committee was next on the podium and he spoke of a games designed by and for the athletes.

“We are going to improve accessibility.”

“We will reduce travel times.”

“We want success.”

He emphasized support for young athletes and their educations.

Blanco introduced young Spanish athletes to the stage including footballer Raul. They spoke of their thoughts on Olympic values and discrimination.

“Sport makes us all equal and makes us better” one athlete said.

“Sport makes us healthy, and above all, helps make us many friends.”

Another video showed athletes competing in various events and sharing cultural experiences.

Former IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch took the stage.

He introduced the King of Spain and Queen Sophia to the IOC members.

Samaranch thanked President Jacques Rogge for his work as current IOC president.

“I know that I am very near the end of my time. I am 89 years old.” said Samaranch before asking the IOC members for the honour of hosting the 2016 Games in Spain.

King Juan Carlos took the Podium and spoke of his family’s involvement in Olympic sports. He emphasized that the Olympic project has his support and the support of all government levels.

“A vote for Madrid is a vote that will foster Olympic values throughout the world”

“A vote for Madrid is a vote for the success of the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

A video name Madrid 2017, One Year Later was presented. It showed various people expressing their various experiences at the Madrid 2016 Olympic Games.

The floor was opened to questions.

Zapatero responded to a doping question and assured the IOC that Spain was in compliance to anti-doping regulations.

Mercedes Coghen responded to a question from Prince Albert. She said that each Olympic sport will have a legacy and that it is important to promote sports among young people and to spread the Spanish and Mediterranean culture around the world.

The presentation was concluded.

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