Germany To Bid For 2024 Summer Olympic Games

The German Olympic Committee’s board approved unanimously Tuesday to present a bid from Germany for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. The board will now hear proposals from Berlin and Hamburg before selecting a representative next March.

Olympic Committee chairman Alfons Hoermann told reporters, “we are confident that it will be a big opportunity for one of the cities and a big opportunity for the entire sport. We are also confident that an Olympic project can be – and will be – good for our country”.

If a bid for the 2024 Games is unsuccessful, Germany will then likely bid for the 2028 Olympics.

Berlin and Hamburg would still have to hold a referendum to see if their citizens wish to go forward with a bid.

According to a poll carried out by the DOSB, 53 per cent of Hamburg residents favoured a bid compared to 48 per cent of Berliners.

The name of the candidate city will be announced after the two referenda on March 21, and the DOSB will hand over the candidate’s dossier to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) next November.