Washington 2024 Bid Takes Shape

Washington’s bid to become a candidate for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games took shape Thursday following the launch of a public website by the local non-profit DC 2024.

The site can be accessed at http://dc2024.org

The group also announced its Board of Directors, which includes prominent business people from around the D.C. area.

In June the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) announced that Washington, Boston, Los Angles and San Francisco are potential candidates.

DC 2024 says hosting the Games would cost the region $4 billion to $6 billion but they claim that with proper planning the economic impact could be greater than the cost.

DC 2024 suggests using existing stadiums in the region and building out the region’s existing transportation and housing options.

A joint bid by D.C. and Baltimore for the 2012 Olympics failed when New York became the U.S. candidate but London’s bid was selected.