Two Australian Cities Want Olympic Games

Two Australian cities are considering a bid for the Olympic Summer Games – Brisbane and Perth. The Australian reports that John Coates, head of the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC), said Sunday that Brisbane would be the most likely choice for a candidate city when Australia applies to host the Olympic Games for a third time.

Coates said, “the best chance we’ve learned, is with a different city and given that we’re talking 20 to 30 years before we could do it again, I think a lot will come down to how Brisbane develops in terms of further infrastructure, hotels, and whatever by then.

“I couldn’t and wouldn’t say to the Queensland Government of the Brisbane City Council to go out and build a new swimming pool. But infrastructure is important. Villages in the past have been around university sites, for instance. It would be smart to at least have something in mind. But certainly I wouldn’t be counselling them to go building anything because what you build now would be outdated by then”.

According to the newspaper, Brisbane’s Olympic bid is getting support from Lord Mayor Campbell Newman and Queensland Premier Anna Bligh, although they acknowledge Brisbane still fell well short of the infrastructure required to stage the Games.

The Mayor said, “my view is that this is something Brisbane should throw its hat in the ring for. It is a 10-15 years’ thing and something we would have to work through.

“There are significant issues with Brisbane’s infrastructure. Apart from sporting infrastructure, hotel, roads, public transport and water infrastructure needs would have to be addressed.

“I’m very positive about this and quite pleased that John Coates has the confidence that Brisbane could stage a future Olympics”.

Premier Bligh added that the Queensland Government would take a possible future bid into account in its infrastructure planning.

Meanwhile the West Australian government is carrying out a feasibility study to determine weather Perth can bid for the 2018 or 2022 Summer Games, according to West Australian Premier Alan Carpenter. He said, “we want to actually present Perth as a city on the world map. Melbourne attracted something like 60,000 international visitors for the Commonwealth Games. We can do it”.

The Premier said new facilities, including the Kitchener Park stadium and new basketball, netball and rowing facilities would replace the Perry Lakes complex. “We’re spending large amounts of money, hundreds of thousand of U.S. dollars, giving ourselves the best facilities in the world. Sports stadiums, Perth arena, the replacement of Perry Lakes, we’ve got the World Sailing championships coming to Perth, let’s get out there, let’s get positive”.

Carpenter said the cost to West Australian taxpayers would be a lot less because the infrastructure is already being built.