Support For Rome 2020 Bid

Local politicians and business leaders are voicing their support for a 2020 Summer Olympic bid from Rome. Chamber of Commerce President Andrew Mondello recently proposed holding the 2020 Games in Rome.

He said, “a world-class event can be organized to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Rome as capital of Italy by hosting the 2020 Olympics in our city. It is a proposal that I direct to the city with great humility, but in the same time with the confidence of someone that has spearheaded the city’s economic growth these past years”.

The proposal was seconded by Rome’s Mayor Gianni Alemano who said, “one of my dreams would be to see Rome host the 2020 Olympics and the city council could start thinking about it by developing adequate sport-related policies”.

The President of the province of Rome, Nicola Zingaretti, also backed the proposal saying, “this is undoubtedly a great opportunity, but not only for our city, but for the whole country”.

Italian MP Franceso Rutelli, who heads the Italian lower house of Parliament’s national security committee, said the project was “an intelligent proposal”.

Also the regional director of one of Italy’s leading business associations, Valter Giammaria, said an Olympic bid by Rome would “relaunch the city…in a time of severe crisis”.

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