South Africa's President Supports Future Olympic Bid

Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa, told Reuters Tuesday that a successful hosting of the World Cup by South Africa should be the spur for a bid for a first African Olympics and added he would support any future bid by one of South Africa’s cities.

Zuma said following Tuesday’s World Cup 2-1 win for South Africa over France, “we have got the facilities. Those who take decisions (about the hosting of major sports events) have seen how South Africa is. I’m sure we could do it.

“I will put it on the agenda because it is important to bring people from all over the world here. Sport is very important for us”.

Cape Town, the first African city to bid for the Olympics, lost the 2004 Games to Athens.

Durban, which markets itself as Africa’s sports capital, has reportedly expressed an interest in hosting a future Games and build their new World Cup stadium with enough space to add an athletics track.

Meanwhile International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge said last week, “I’d love to have a credible African candidate for the next Games to be chosen, namely those of 2020”.