Rotterdam To Bid For 2028 Summer Olympic Games

Rotterdam city council has decided to make a bid for the 2028 Summer Olympic Games, rivalling Amsterdam, the Telegraaf reported Tuesday.

Peter Lamers, who is in charge of sport in the city, said by 2028 Rotterdam will have two state of the art sports stadiums and the Ahoy stadium will have been renovated. Lamers added that several projects already underway will boost the city’s bid.

Several athletes heading for the London 2012 Games have decided to stop off in Rotterdam first for extra training, Lamers said “We are on the same latitude and that means we can consider ourself a ‘gateway to London'”, he said.

The Netherlands hosted the Olympics in 1928.

Ministers are expected to discuss efforts to bring the 2028 Games to the Netherlands at a cabinet meeting Friday, reports the Telegraaf.

In 2003 there was a survey on the city council’s website asking respondents whether the city should bid for the 2028 Games.

In December 2007 Economic Affairs Minister Maria van der Hoeven set aside 400,000 Euro for a feasibility study on a 2028 Summer Games bid.

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