Prague 2020 Bid Head Wants Project Postponed

Tomas Petera, head of Prague’s 2020 Summer Olympic bid, said that the bid should be indefinitely postponed as it was not a good time to move forward with the project.

The Prague Post quotes Petera saying, “there are basically three substantial reasons that should make us freeze the project for now. First, the project does not have sufficient political support and it could become a target for some politicians during the pre-election campaigning. Second, the public isn’t behind the Prague bid at the moment. And third, the overall economic crisis that also hit the Czech Republic makes it quite inappropriate to develop the bid. The environment is quite unstable”.

Praha olympjiska and the Czech Olympic Committee (COV) were jointly developing a bid for the 2020 Summer Games. Prague’s first bid for the 2016 Summer Games failed after the city spent about 70 million Kc.

Last December Prague City Hall agreed to allocate another 25 million Kc for 2009, and beefed up the company’s budget this year by an additional 11 billion Kc.

Petera said Prague should freeze the project so it can bid for the Games in the future. But COV Chairman Milan Jirasek questioned Petera’s competence to call for such a move, reports the Prague Post. He said, “his opinion is completely irrelevant. It’s not a good time to deal with this issue at all”. He said the decision about whether to develop another bid should be made no earlier than in October after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announces the host city of the 2016 Summer Games. Jirasek said, “if a European bidder wins, then the chance that the 2020 Games would be held in Europe again would be close to zero”.

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