Possible Vienna 2028 Bid May Be Costly

The Austrian Times reports the City of Vienna estimates the costs for a Vienna 2028 bid may be up to 100 million Euros, and the Austrian Social Democratic Party (SPO) is discussing whether there should be a second referendum after the total costs have been evaluated.

A referendum in March would show whether Vienna residents want the city to apply for the 2028 Olympic Games.

Rudolf Schicker, head of Vienna’s SPO, said that an application would cost 80 to 100 million Euros. He said Monday if the majority voted for the Olympics, the citizens would have to vote again when the total costs of the event have been evaluated.

However Michael Haupl, Mayor of Vienna, told a press conference Tuesday, “we did not conduct a referendum before the European Football Championships, I think that we do not need it now either”.

He said if the majority voted “yes” in the referendum, it would be the task of the Austrian Olympic Committee, the Republic of Austria, and the City of Vienna to organize the application.

According to the Austrian Times, the high costs of the application can be explained by the need of a “detailed planning” involving studies about the usability of sports facilities and new and additional buildings, as well as plans regarding infrastructure and an Olympic Village.