Melbourne 2032 Olympic Bid Being Considered

Kate Roffey, a representative of the Committee for Melbourne, a business lobby group, said Melbourne should bid for the 2032 Summer Olympic Games and begin planning now.

The Age reports Roffey has already discussed a possible Olympic bid with Major Events Minister John Eren and said Melbourne was ideally placed to hold the Games.

She said 2032 would be the earliest Melbourne could bid for the Olympics.  “You need 10 or 11 years out to put your bid on the table formally and you would need to have your bid ready to go in 2020”.

She added, “we have so much of the infrastructure in terms of the facilities here already.  More importantly we have the appetite for it.  We are one of the few cities in the world where as soon as you mention it, people in Melbourne go ‘yes, of course we should’.  Everybody else says it is a waste of money and we shouldn’t be doing it.  We could do it and we want to do it”.

Melbourne has strong competition from Brisbane as the next Australian city to host an Olympics.  Brisbane has already decided to undertake a feasibility study for a possible 2028 bid.

Melbourne hosted the Olympics in 1956 and Sydney staged the Games in 2000.

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