“It is our intention to bid”: USOC on 2024 Olympics

The Associated Press reports Larry Probst, chairman of the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC), saying Tuesday following a USOC board quarterly meeting, “it is our intention to bid” for the 2024 Olympics if a number of criteria are met.

Probst listed some of the requirements needed for a bid, saying “do we have the right message, the right technical plan, the right leader, right financial support, governmental support”?

He said “a lot of things have to fall into place. But we continue to be focused on that opportunity”.

He added, “from my travels…the last three or four months, I’ve heard a lot of encouragement from numerous IOC members about us putting forth a bid for 2024. We continue to focus in that direction”.

CEO Scott Blackmun and Probst reportedly have been travelling the globe trying to shore up the USOC’s reputation. Blackmun said the USOC is committed to a private process in determining which city to put forth as the 2024 candidate. He said, “we’ve got a handful of good candidates, and that’s all we want to say right now. Some cities may not want to go forward and may not want that to be public”.

Blackmun added, “we haven’t made a decision if we’re going to bid at all for 2024. It’s gradual. The list will get smaller”.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will pick the host city for the 2024 Summer Games in 2017.