Istanbul Promises “Strongest Bid Yet” For Olympic Games

Ahead of his appearance at the Host Cities Summit to be held in Dubai in December, former Chief of Istanbul’s 2020 Olympic bid Hasan Arat vowed that the campaign to bring the Games to Turkey will continue.

“Our next bid will be our strongest yet,” Arat said.

Istanbul lost the 2020 bid on a second-round vote to Tokyo after defeating Madrid on the first ballot when International Olympic Committee (IOC) members voted in Buenos Aires in September. It was the city’s fifth bid for the Games in the last six Olympic cycles.

“Istanbul 2020 had a truly inspiring story. We offered the Olympics the chance to bridge to a brand new culture, to a country and a region that has never hosted the Games before.

“One of our biggest challenges was demonstrating to the International Olympic Committee that we, as a city and as a nation, have the capacity to stage a well-organised, well-funded, safe, and efficient Games.

“We are now better equipped than ever before to host major sports events and we have a greater understanding of what is required to host an Olympic Games.

The IOC will begin accepting applications for the 2024 Olympic Games in 2015 with a winner to be chosen in 2017. Among the countries that have already expressed interest in bidding for those Games are the United States, South Africa, Canada, Italy and Russia.