Hiroshima Mayor Vetoes Decision To Scrap 2020 Summer Games Draft Budget

Japan Today reports Hiroshima Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba vetoed Friday the city council’s decision to scrap the city government’s draft budget for its 2020 Summer Olympic Games bid.

Akiba told a press conference he will convene an extraordinary assembly session next Wednesday to hold a revote in a second attempt at staging the 2020 Games.

Akiba said, “I intend to thoroughly explain (the plan) and ask the assembly to reconsider the decision”.

In January a plan to co-host the 2020 Games with Nagasaki was abandoned.

Akiba said earlier he “sincerely regrets” the assembly decision and expressed an intention not to give up on the plan by adding “I would like to quickly thrash out a solution and realize the dream”.

Akiba said he planned to hold a bid committee meeting probably in early April. He said, “many people have advocated the significance of hosting the Olympics in Hiroshima, and it’s our responsibility to work toward realizing the plan”.

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