Berlin Launches Bid For 2024 Or 2028 Summer Olympics

Berlin has launched a bid to host either the 2024 or 2028 Summer Olympic Games, competing against Hamburg for the right to represent Germany.

Berlin is calling its bid “Berlympics” and has put a huge social media campaign in motion as part of its bid, which is backed by 30 companies and 70 individuals.

The city’s slogan is “Wir wollen spielen” or “We want to play”.

The campaign highlights the economic benefits of the Games, referring to the success of the London 2012 Olympics which provided the city with at least 5,000 new jobs, and restaurants, clubs and theatres with 20 per cent more visitors.

The campaign says “in Berlin it will be even better”, adding that “even the corner shops will benefit.

But the campaign acknowledges that Berlin will need to spruce itself up if it’s going to step out onto the world sporting state. It says, “Berlin needs to make itself chic if the world is visiting us. No more shilly-shallying around – there must be responsibility. The “Berlympics” needs a perfect infrastructure. Housing must be built, sports grounds must be in top form, and we need an airport too.

Berlin’s bid promises that the “Berlympics” would be “the most colourful and thrilling Games of all time” and that after the event is over, everything “will be there for our use”.

If Berlin’s bid is successful, the city is planning to hold the Paralympic Games prior to the Olympics – a first for the Games.

Heidelberg-born photographer Oliver Rath is helping to promote the bid by creating a series of photographs depicting “normal” Berliners in Olympic posts. Some of the images show a firewoman who appears to be holding the Olympic flame, a waitress, a trash collector and a hurdling businessman.

The German Olympics Sports Confederation (DSOB) is expected to decide March 21, 2015 whether Berlin or Hamburg will be the country’s candidate. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is to award the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in September 2017.