A Joint Hiroshima And Nagasaki 2020 Bid May Not Be Possible

A Joint Hiroshima and Nagasaki 2020 Summer Games bid may not be acceptable according to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Japanese Olympic Committee.

IOC Olympic Games Executive Director Gilbert Felli told Kyodo News Monday, “the Olympic Charter clearly states only one city can host the Olympics. It does not allow two cities to co-host the Games. At the moment, the answer is no”.

Felli said, referring to discussions during the recent Olympic Congress in Copenhagen, “there was a proposal to review the bid process, and it may change in the future. But the bid process for the 2020 Games will start in July or August of 2011 and it is unlikely that the process will change by then”. The host city for the 2020 Games will be elected by the IOC in 2013.

Kyodo reports Felli suggested that it would be possible for one of the cities to host the Games and the other to host another sporting event, such as the first stage of a soccer competition.

In their joint bid the two cities want the Olympics to symbolize the abolition of nuclear arms and world peace. Felli said, “it can be a good cause. It is good to have a message for the bid”.

Meanwhile the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) praised the two cities for their enthusiasm but reportedly noted that a successful bid would require more than just a message of world peace, reports Kyodo.

JOC secretary general Noriyuki Ichihara said, “the concept to host the Olympics is wonderful. But I believe it would be difficult for the IOC to accept it just on the basis of abolishing nuclear weapons”.

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